These Artists will be performing at the Northeast Autumn Festival 2022. Check it out!

Ukhrul is all geared up to welcome the tourist for the first edition of the North East Autumn Festival, from October 20 to 26, in the scenic backdrop of the Jorcheng grassland.

Visit for tickets and details.

In the meantime here is the list of awesome artists from the Northeast region who will be performing at the Northeast Autumn Festival 2022.

#1 Featherheads

Started in 2012 by Augustine Shimray from the traditional inspirations and musical influences that's deeply rooted in Naga's rich tribal heritages, Featherheads is an alternative folk-rock outfit based out of Ukhrul, Manipur.

The band honours the unique tribal traditions of Tangkhul Nagas and aims to preserve its identity and folklore through its music and creative art.

Traditional folk tunes fused with alternative guitar riffs and melodic chants, each song is a unique story inspired by nature, humanity and the process of life.

The current lineup of the band is:

Augustine Shimray (Vocals/Percussion)

Soreichon Shimray (Vocals)

Rizat Zimik (Drums)

Somazan Vashai (Guitars)

Shanchui Suirangwo (Bass)

#3 Jack of spade’z

Jack of spade'z is a trio Rock Band Based in Delhi. It Consists of members from the north and the northeast part of India. With Just three members we try to bring in our creativity, arrangement to make our sound to make up for a thousand..

Jack of spade'z are heavily influenced by bands such as wolfmother, dirty honey, Biffy Clyro, The killers, Red hot chilli peppers, Kings of Leon etc.


@alem_the7th (Vocalist/Guitarist)

@ngatik_asara_ (Backing vocals/ Bassist)

Adhyan Emerson (Drummer)

#5 Purple Fusion

Purple Fusion is band that plays Folk Fusion/World Music and experiments mostly with traditional Naga folk music.The band was officially formed on the 28th of August 2012 with the aim to promote the rich tradition and culture of Nagaland in the form of Fusion music.

� Purple Fusion incorporates indigenous ethnic music with western genres like Blues, Jazz, Funk, Reggae and Rock to create a blend of music which is different and unique.

� Purple Fusion's debut album 'Folk Reminiscence ' which was released in 2014 won the best award for Singer/Song writer Folk Album at the Akademia awards Los Angeles California,And their songs have been aired on radio in countries such as USA, Brazil, Argentina, China, Turkey , Japan etc.

� Purple Fusionalso won the best Folk artist at the Radiocity Freedom awards Mumbai 2014.PF also came 3rd at the Sennheiser top 50 bands in India 2014. Late vocalist of the band LAMTSALA SANGTAM was also awarded the Governor's award for ''Outstanding Achievement and Contribution in the field of FOLK FUSION MUSIC" 2015.

� Purple Fusion has also collaborated with many National and International artists and have performed around the Nation and counties like China and Bhutan

#6 Rum And Monkeys

Rum And Monkeys is an Alternative Rock Band From Shillong, Meghalaya. Formed in the latter months of 2018, the band has been making big waves since its inception.

The style of music that the band designs is a representation of all their musical genres, with Rock being at the core of their sound.

Heavy Drive, Radical Riffs, and Wizard Synth Undertones makes for the Band's Loud and & Reverberate Sound.

Recently, the band has worked on one of their biggest projects to date, working directly with Sony Sports Network acting as the spearheads for the official promotions of the WWE Franchise in India.

The Band further went on and competed at the Park Avenue Parx Hunt 2022 and emerged as the winners of the India Grand Finale.

To add to this active streak, the band then released their debut EP in 2022, titled "Tales Of A Tasteless Kid"

#7 Solace Her

Formed in 2019, the band came into light from their first single 'Tamna Tamna'. Solace Her have cultivated their signature sound by creating forward thinking with vibrant alternative picking with clean tone, soulful indie music building meaningful connection with their audience. Their vision has resonated with both listeners and promoters alike, with their music amassing over thousands of streamers online.

Solace Her released three singles.

They have released their first debut album 'Eitadi' in July, 2022 and also accomplished in producing numbers of music videos by their own production team 'Uchek Society' and since it's released they instantly capture genuine followers and many top 'A' independent rock scene media publishers like 'Rock Street Journal' India.

#8 Theithei Luithui

A contemporary singer, songwriter and composer, Theithei Luithui owes much of her songs to her root. She finds inspiration from the struggles and hardships, the lore, history and stories of her people.

Through her deeply personal poetical lyrics, Theithei Luithui weave stories that touches upon many eclectic themes---of friendship and solitude, love and despair, the impact of armed conflict, environmental degradation, social and political issues and the extra(ordinary) lives of people around her.

#9 The Wishess

 The Wishess, an alternative rock band from Manipur, India. They were formed in late 2010 with a motive to play satisfying music to listeners all around the world.

The wishess are fondly known by many for their active performances and for being very interactive with their crowd. The band is also known for composing songs related to positive aspects of their society.

The wishess comprises of

Vocals: @bishi_th

Guitars: @izzynaw

Guitars: @bona_so

Bass: @neopoo_kipgen

Drums: Chingkhei

And they are managed by Mr. Kapil Aria @ariakapil

Some of the recent achievements are:

- Winner of shirock 2017 (Ukhrul).

- Winner of 1st NE Multimedia campaign 2019 (Kohima).

- Released their debut album (consists of 10 tracks) ‘OUR PRIDE’ 2019.

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