Featherheads (1/9)

Started in 2012 by Augustine Shimray from the traditional inspirations and musical influences that’s deeply rooted in Naga’s rich tribal heritages, Featherheads is an alternative folk-rock outfit based out of Ukhrul, Manipur.

The band honours the unique tribal traditions of Tangkhul Nagas and aims to preserve its identity and folklore through its music and creative art.

Traditional folk tunes fused with alternative guitar riffs and melodic chants, each song is a unique story inspired by nature, humanity and the process of life.

The current lineup of the band is:

Augustine Shimray (Vocals/Percussion)

Soreichon Shimray (Vocals)

Rizat Zimik (Drums)

Somazan Vashai (Guitars)

Shanchui Suirangwo (Bass)

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