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I'm Yours | Alobo Naga

Lyrics:  #ImYours

Apuni laga mon, khulikena isor ke dibi
Tai rukhi ase
Duniya apuni ke chorikena jailebi
Tai Tu, hudai thake

Polaikena joldi ahibi kiman dur jabo
nakandibi kiman girilebi tai uthai lobo

Jisu moi Apuni laga hoishe
Moi laga sob di ase

Open your heart, and cry out to Jesus
come and take control
And let the spirit flow
Cast all your burdens and sorrows to Jesus
Fall down at His feet
Let Him Satisfy your soul

Everytime you fall
Dont say it’s over
He is watching over you
Run into His arms
He ll never let go
Cos He is waiting for you

Sing Jesus take me I’m yours
Jesus take me as I’m yours
I surrender my all to you

I don’t deserve it
But you love me anyway
You took my place on that cross for my sins

Jisu moi Apuni laga hoishe
Moi laga sob di ase

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