Why The Northeast India Festival 2022 Is A Flop | Review by Climax

Here what Climax Channel has to say about Northeast India Festival at Thailand.

This is hard for me to tell and perhaps it would be hard for any Northeasterners to listen to. I love the Northeast as much as you do. The name of the Festival  itself, ‘Northeast India Festival,’ sound like a grand extravaganza happening in Bangkok, Thailand. But the truth is, it was a closed door festival that happened in a small hall of a hotel in Bangkok.  The Thai people were not even aware of it, except a few officials from the Royal Thai Government.

Not a single billboard was placed in around Bangkok, no proper advertisement or promotion was done. The festival was organized poorly, and it was a total flop.

It seem, the festival was sponsored by the government of India not to win the heart of Thai people, but to win the heart of the Northeast people.

In a nutshell, it’s like some artistes along with some politicians from the Northeast flew to Bangkok to watch their own cultural show.

Northeast people should learn how to promote their culture around the world. It’s not only about showcasing your cultural items but building your soft power. Just because you put on your cultural dress doesn’t mean other people will like and respect you. It’s always the one with a better story that win the attention and the heart of the audience.

The best example of using soft power to influence decision making of other country, is Israel over the United States. The Zionists has invested enormous time and money for decades in the past especially in Hollywood. Now if anyone mention ‘Jews or the Holocaust,’ many Americans would start sobbing right away. That’s the power of storytelling.

Suggestion: Hire popular Thai event organizer, Thai presenters and Thai celebrities to present our culture to Thailand. Then and only then, Thai people may pay attention to Northeast India.

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