What's a king to a god? - Northeast Cypher brings back the Game of the Thrones race

What's a king to a god? - Northeast Cypher brings back the Game of the Thrones race

The year 2020 has been an amazing year for the Northeast rappers. If you recall, the well-known rappers from the region are currently engaged in a diss war. Though these rappers are spitting our verses against one another, they do have high regards for one another, unlike some artists (if you know whom we talking about) who can’t handle the diss. Hiyohey!

To recall, way back in January 2020, BK drops a free verse ‘Analyse’ where he spits out verses like, ““Who’s best in the game, you better tell me. It’s me, myself and I…. You top 10 rappers ain’t nothing compared to me……”

G’Nie, a rapper from Mizoram responded to BK’s verse with K.O.N.E (King of North East). This was followed by responses from BK (Opposite), Moko Koza (Alladin), Yelhomie (Nobody from the Northeast) among many.

Learn more about the rap diss here – NE rap gods are on a diss war and it’s dope AF!

And now, 12 amazing rappers from the Northeast region have delivered a one of its kind Cypher – Northeast Cypher, an initiative led by KABIR a Rapper/Hip-hop Artist from Shillong and Spider (Producer), and Dauni who has done the Mixing/ Mastering & Video.

We had gone through verses from some of the rappers in the Cypher and we see that the diss war and the game of the thrones is still on.

Check out these verses which somehow relate to the race for the ‘King of the Northeast’ Rappers.

Moksh (Meghalaya) Now I am 99 out of 100, I’m Rap games Dada, They watch all my moves like I am the emperor.

K4Kekho (Arunachal)May I perform vaccination if you don’t mind.

Ps: Note the word on the syringe : Anti-Throne

UNB (Sikkim) – Who’s dope here, everybody knows, Your rap has no scope, everybody knows, If you talk about beef, then I’mma butcher too, 7 sisters and I’m their brother.

Borkung Hrangkhawl (Tripura) – Dethrone you like a chess fight, Don’t be terrified, the only weapon I have is a mic.

MOKO KOZA (Nagaland) – Who the best in the northeast?, That sh*ts now debatable, We are all born kings, F#%k am iron throne.

Yelhomie (Manipur) – Rule this shit like a Pharoah, No man can take over my throne.

JELO (Mizoram) – K.O.N.E this & that fr sh*ts amusin.

Young Dirrt (Manipur) – I flew through the hills, And just landed to kill, This lil man who calls himself the king of the hills, The northeast, I hate beef with cheese,……. After all, what’s a king to a god

Ps: Did they just rip apart G’Nie?

Well, we will leave you guys with a question… who do you think is the real King?