Agartala, June 16: A local noticed something unusual while walking along the train tracks inside the Atharamura Hill Range which is around 5/6 kms away from the Ambasa Station in Tripura. He spotted that a portion of the land near the track had caved in, probably damaged by floodwaters and not knowing what else to do, he waited there for a train to arrive, so that he can bring the damage to their notice.

The man, a resident of a nearby village, waited for two hours at that spot on Friday evening and finally he saw a train approaching. Not caring about the risks involved, the man began waving his rugged clothes and running towards the approaching train. What made it even scarier was that he had his little daughter with him, who ran alongside the tracks as he attempted to flag down the train.

The driver spotted him and applied brakes. The man then told the driver about the danger ahead and tragedy got averted! The railway officials who were on the local train coming from Dharmanagar to Agartala informed the authorities, thus ensuring that no other train passes through that area before repair work.

Sadly though, nobody got the name of the Good Samaritan who saved so many lives that day, without even thinking about the grave risk he put himself and his daughter in when they ran towards the train.

He simply posed for a few pictures, shyly, before leaving.


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