Guwahati/Shillong, June 16: The Government of Meghalaya in a notification from the Home Department on Saturday stated that the department had received reports from DGP regarding serious law and order crisis that continues to prevail in Khasi & Jaintia Hills and Ri Bhoi district leading to potential threats for public safety. The Department finally decided to suspend the Mobile Internet/Data Service of all mobile service providers in Khasi, Jaintia and Ri-Bhoi district for the next 48 hours beginning from 3 pm today.

On being contacted, Deputy Commissioner of East Khasi Hills District, told TIME8, “I have no reason and information on the matter and since it has come up from the Home Department and the Meghalaya Police, I cannot comment anything on this.”


As per the notification, the messaging systems like Whatsapp and other Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are likely to be used for the transmission of information ranging from photographs, videos and text which can inflame passions and thus escalate the law and order crisis in the entire region.

To counter such crisis issue, Meghalaya Government under the provision of Section 5(2) of the Indian Telegraph Act 1885 has suspended the use of Internet services for the next 48 hours in Khasi, Jaintia and Ri-Bhoi districts.

Reportedly, the East Khasi Hills district police earlier today issued a notification stating that recently some people with vested interest(s) have posted provocative posts/hate messages/rumors/fake news on the social media which have to lead to incitement of communal feelings and sense of insecurity in the mind of certain sections of society.


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