Guwahati, June 14: For those who claim to be football fans and are planning ‘game nights’ with friends this Football World Cup, here’s something that will surely cheer you up even more!

A football fan had created a shrine of sorts to his favourite game, football at his home and he has always thrown it’s doors open to others of his kind every World Cup since the 90’s. He held screenings in in his house upto 2014, he is all set to do this again Thursday onwards, but in a much bigger and more exciting way!

The man is Putul Borah who likes to add a ‘German’ after his name, as a mark of respect towards his favourite football team- Germany!

Putul Borah
A view of the auditorium from outside

This 57 year old businessman from Diphu in Karbi Anglong, has now built an auditorium at home, taking a bank loan of more than 10 lakh just in time for the World Cup, 2018 which kicks off in Russia on Thursday. The auditorium which can accommodate 100 people comfortably, having provisions for fitting about 200 more just outside the main structure, is being inaugurated by footballer Gilbertson Sangma just in time for the first match between the hosts Russia and Saudi Arabia. The matches will be screened on a 53 inch screen in the auditorium.

Borah is known to many people across the region as an avid football fanatic since 1990 when he began having people over during matches and his latest move has attracted attention of football enthusiasts who are busy making plans to visit and enjoy his legendary hospitality. Borah said that he has made arrangements to serve refreshments to those who would like to join him and his friends in cheering their favourite teams during the World Cup.

Borah, however, believes that his favourite team- Germany, will take home the cup again this year. Despite being a die hard fan of the German team, Borah has flags and information on all the teams displayed prominently at his shrine to his favourite sport. He also says that he loves the kind of unity and sense of brotherhood this game brings among the people, adding that his doors are open to any football enthusiast who wants to visit- irrespective of who they are cheering for.

Here’s a photo after a previous match when those who joined him for the match are seen tidying up the space:

Also, if you do plan on paying a visit, don’t forget to check out the 20 year old bottle of Scotch Whiskey he has been preserving as a gift to the German Team. He says he will gift it to them when he meets them someday!

Via: Time8

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