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Nothing lasts forever

This feeling could make you quiver like December

One shot in this life like it’s and1

And if you lose this moment, there’s none to remember yeah

Man, I breathe with it everyday

The struggle is my habitat

So when I ride, it’s full throttle all the way

Hoping someday a naava would conversate with hov or ye

Painting my canvas, I’m pablo picasso

Imma capture all of my dream with a lasso

And the jewels of this land, would never talk so

Imphal city, I will never ever hit your potholes

And I’m tried of you dumbos in this city

In fact, whole NE , I show none but PiTy

U ain’t eat, the wisdom in my verses, got me thinking I’m from a different planet like I’m ET

These just care bout the bars and the metaphors

But when I drop bombs, you Hellen Keller take detour

Spitting bull is mandatory for these rappers

I’m just baiting these rappers like a matador

Man, I’m tired of explaining to this people

They get hype off when rappers sound like Wiz Khalifa

It’s a skyfall, for naavas that’s got a tight bond with the culture

And I ain’t judging what you liking sorry if I hurt ya

And if you asking, I ain’t beefing with nobody

Ain’t nobody slick that could outdo me

All my enemies they duppy

Or they pussy ’cause half of the time the yelling do me

Desperate of the attention and fame

That would generate their skeleton with a little pleasure

But who am I to complain

I’m just a younging naava nothing better

Or lil better than most of these rappers imitating to be somebody like loaded lux

So they bluff, obsessed with em metaphors and wordplays

Tryna stunt, it’s just a matter of week till you pop off

Naavas pretending somebody else in they records

And steady turning a blind eye to they section

So, when you drop, we searching for affection in it

I’m just saying y’all fake, that’s my opinion

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